After-sale service

After-sales service scope:

Our company has a dedicated team responsible for customer reception and telephone consultation. the equipment failure reported to the repair of a detailed understanding, responsible for deployment and arrangement of maintenance work;The customer service department is composed of experienced engineers and technicians, who can undertake all the software and hardware repair and maintenance tasks of LED display.

After a detailed understanding of the reported fault through the after-sales service hotline, fill in the corresponding form and submit it to the relevant personnel, and assign the maintenance personnel to prepare for the work.According to the record of the form, maintenance personnel will further understand the failure situation of the customer's equipment. According to the failure situation, the maintenance personnel will get necessary and sufficient spare parts and carry professional instruments to the customer's location.

Maintenance personnel can arrive at the site in 2 hours after receiving the repair call, there is a special person responsible for after-sales service, repair work can be completed within 4 hours, the equipment back to normal operation;The company's maintenance personnel will conduct a comprehensive inspection and maintenance of the restored equipment to eliminate hidden dangers (if any);Maintenance personnel introduce the content of repair and maintenance to customers before finishing work, and ask customers to put forward their opinions;After finishing work, maintenance personnel must fill in maintenance records and store them in customer files. After-sales service department of the company will follow up customers to solicitcustomers' opinions on after-sales service, so as to improve the company's after-sales service work and provide personalized service to customers.

We will also keep abream of user feedback and timely deal with and solve related problems.After the delivery and acceptance, no matter whether the user has a repair record, our company's after-sales service department will visit the user regularly.Including at least once a month door-to-door return visit, maintain regular communication with users, understand customers in the process of using the system problems, in order to provide better services for customers, at the same time with customers to extensively discuss better system optimization scheme.

Our after-sales service scope mainly includes: hardware failure in the display screen, plug-in failure in the display screen, control system failure in the display screen, control software failure in the display screen, etc.

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