Corporate culture

Enterprise spirit
Diligence, dedication, efficiency, pursuit of excellence!

Enterprise mission

Field innovation, leading technology, to contribute  the LED industry

Enterprise vision

To become the world's most respected and trusted engineering and service provider in the field of LED display stage, exhibition hall and advertising media!

Enterprise Values
1, Change, challenge, innovation
2, Give, growth, win-win
3, Struggle, courage, tenacity
4, Honesty, trustworthiness, dedication

Contact us

MST company address: 4-5 / F, building A, longda industrial zone, minsheng 1 road, baoyuan community, shiyan street, baoan district, shenzhen city, guangdong province of china.


Ms Fan: 13691999879 ( WeChat) QQ: 1302464268

Zhu Yanqi: 13632986617 ( WeChat) QQ: 88978009 

Cao Huiyong: 18778118677 (Facebook/WeChat/Linkedin) QQ:276894593

 engineering technical guidance and consultation:Mr liu 13543272879 (WeChat ) QQ:269725933

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