3D smart display

The newest naked eye 3D cylindrical lens technology

◆ High-performance professional rendering chip, self-developed 3D rendering processing algorithm

◆ 4K Ultra HD screen resolution

◆ Intelligent switching of 2D/3D different modes, support 2D/3D mixing

◆ Support 2D+Z, left and right 3D video formats and HDMI HD signal interface

◆ 28 super multi-3D viewing viewpoint design

◆ 150-degree horizontal naked eye 3D super large viewing Angle

◆ Configuration SDK software development package, can be customized development

◆ Depth of field can be adjusted by software

◆ Support UDP communication transmission control protocol, diversified open practical operation application mode

◆ Support UDP control player playing, pause, switch, frame positioning and other functions

◆ Support MS-level frame positioning display control

Product details
◆ 最新裸眼3D柱状透镜技术
◆ 高性能专业渲染芯片,自主研发的3D渲染处理算法
◆ 4K超高清屏幕分辨率
◆ 2D/3D 不同模式智能切换,支持2D/3D混播
◆ 支持2D+Z、左右等3D视频格式和HDMI高清信号接口
◆ 28个超多3D观看视点设计
◆ 150度横屏裸眼3D超大视角
◆ 配置SDK软件开发包,可定制化开发
◆ 可以通过软件实现景深效果调节
◆ 支持UDP通信传输控制协议,多元化开放实际操作应用方式
◆ 支持UDP控制播放器播放、暂停、切换、帧定位等功能
◆ 支持MS级帧定位显示控制
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